Real estate investor, author, speaker, and your partner-in-abundance
Ordinary people can build
Extraordinary Lives
You’ve probably felt the pull. The desire to build something bigger and do something more with your life. It’s a feeling Kristin Cripps knows well—it’s what guided her from slinging drinks as a bartender to a multi-million dollar real estate investing company. 

As a real estate broker, business owner, and empowerment expert, Kristin is on a mission to show the world that anyone can build an abundant life—no silver spoon required. All you need is the right mindset and the right plan. 


It’s not what you know.
It's what you're willing to learn.
Kristin has made a career out of defining “hustle” on her own terms, and she’s passionate about sharing her story to inspire others. She bought her first house at just 19, with no knowledge of the real estate industry. She's flipped properties, bought and sold hundreds of homes, done countless renovations and has done it all with plain old trial and error.

A self-made multimillionaire shortly after her 30th birthday, she could have retired many times over and lived the rest of her life resting on her laurels. But that would be predictable. Boring. The antithesis of everything she stands for.


I Can, I  Will, Watch Me!
Life Lessons for the Determined Female Entrepreneur
Real Estate Lessons for the Determined Investor
You can design your own path to abundance.
Whether you want to dive into real estate investing, start a business in another industry, or kick your mindset into shape, Kristin knows you can take control of your narrative.
Get started...
Learn how you can build your own successful, profitable real estate investing business—regardless of whether you already own property.
Shout out to the women with a big, beautiful vision! Get the tools you need to show the world that you can and you WILL achieve your dreams.
No matter where you’ve come from in life, everyone deserves to live a life of abundance. Get clear on what you want and propel your life to the magic you deserve (and the universe wants you to experience!)
Bring Kristin to your next event, where she’ll drop some serious knowledge around mindset, real estate investing, and more.
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